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Setting Ads

Step 1

Go to dq-admin -> setting.php

select “true” to display ads or “” (blank) or false to not display ads

Setting Ads 5

Step 2

Go to dq-content -> themes -> books -> ads Enter ad code here

Setting Ads 6

“160×300” for a 160×300 banner ad
“320×50” for a 320×50 banner ad
“160×600” for a 160×600 banner ad
“300×250” for a 300×250 banner ad
“468×60” for a 468×60 banner ad
“728×90” for a 728×90 banner ad
“nativeads” for 4 column native banner ads
“popadsbanner” for a 300×250 banner ad that appears in the middle of the screen
“fixadsbanner” for a 300×250 banner ad that appears below the screen
“redirect” for redirect link ads
“scriptheaderads” for the ad code that must be placed above </head>
“scriptfooterads” for the ad code that must be placed above </body>

Setting Ads 7
Setting Ads 8

If you use CPM ads, please note that some hosts consider CPM ads as malware, if this happens, the ads usually don’t appear on the web because the ad code will disappear after saving because it was deleted by the hosting itself via the security plugin.

If the ad still doesn’t work, you can look for the latest installation tutorials on several social media forums such as Facebook or you can search for tutorials on Google search, and you can also contact CPM regarding this problem. If the ad can appear normally, you can ignore this setting

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