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    Upload Scipt

    Step 1

    Before uploading the script, make sure there are no files on the domain on your hosting, including the default hosting .htaccess file

    For example : I put the domain in public_html. (Note you also can put it on a subdomain)

    Login to CPanel and go to File Manager

    • Click public_html
    • Choose Domain
    • delete unneeded files
    Install 6

    Make sure there are no other files such as .htaccess that can interfere with the script because sometimes some files are hidden by default hosting settings

    • Click setting
    • Check Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)
    • Click save
    Install 7

    Step 2

    • If you get 2 zip file download links (documentation file and script file in the email or when purchasing), you can directly upload the product script that you bought to your hosting.
    • However, if you only get 1 download link for the zip file, that means the script and documentation are in 1 file, extract the zip file and you will get two files, namely the script and documentation.
      • Documentation Files
      • Script file to be uploaded to the hosting
    Install 8

    Step 3

    Go to Cpanel -> File Manager -> your domain -> click the upload button then upload the script

    Install 9

    Step 4

    Extract the script on the hosting, delete the script.zip after extracting it if it’s not needed

    Install 10
    After the installation is complete, proceed to settings
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